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Blind Contact Lenses


The Blind contacts that look out of this world

Not sure where to find some dead-set special coloured contacts?

Not sure how you’re going to pull off a great costume for Halloween or a dress-up


Woah there! The answer’s right here!

Are you blind to the beauty and power of Blind contacts? You won’t be.

Just wait till you see yourself in Blind contacts this Halloween. They give you an amazeball look that is spine-tinglingly good.

One look in the mirror and you’ll hear yourself say “Fuuuuu...n, here I come!” or maybe “Shiiiiii…p me another pair!” or words to that effect. We swear by them and you’ll curse yourself if you don’t grab yourself a set of these winning wonders.

Get your magic eyes rolling

Make a big entrance!

Wait until you wear those same blind contacts at a Halloween or costume party. The fun of watching people freak out, space out and almost run out the door never gets old.

With help from MesmerEyez, you can get a set of the best blind contact lenses for Halloween in Australia. Yes, that sounds like a big call to make, but we back our products all the way.

These are no cheap and nasty contacts. These are the real deal. Wearing a pair of these great Blind contacts at Halloween will have you looking wickedly wonderful.

Quality Contacts are yours

You sometimes hear tales of people buying dud lenses and even some who have to head to the Doctor after wearing poor quality contacts.

That’s not the story with MesmerEyez lenses. All our contacts, including the range of Sclera, Mini Sclera, UV and of course, our range of brilliant blind contacts for Halloween.

You can be sure you’re wearing the best of the best because MesmerEyez contacts are:

  • Packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline (it’s great stuff)
  • Manufactured in strict accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive 
  • European CE marked for quality
  • Have a 45% water content so you can wear them all night – even for up to 8 hours!

It all means you can order yourself a pair or two and know you’ve got some seriously sensational lenses working for you.  

The bloody best blind contact lenses for Halloween in Canada are here and waiting. And remember, MesmerEyez deliver anywhere.

MesmerEyez – Give your eyes the Wow factor now!