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Full Sclera Contact Lenses


Go full-on freak out with Full Eye Sclera lenses

Want to look like something out of this

world? Get a set of the world beating full eye Sclera lenses.

Did we say World Beating?

You can throw in ‘earth-shattering’, ‘supernatural’, ‘friggin’ phenomenal’ and ‘freakily fantastic’.

One look at you and the world will seem to stop and take notice.

There could be dead silence when you walk into the room with this limelight catching eyes in.

No matter what you do, you will get heads turning and you could well end up being the life of the party.

Working some wizardry in Oz

The thing about these special contacts is that not many people have seen a pair of full eye Sclera contact lenses in Australia.

It’s almost like a bit of a hidden secret that full Sclera lenses can be so bloody powerful.

What’s the magic?
Well, it’s all in how the lenses cover the eye.

Full eye Sclera lenses are no ordinary coloured contacts – Oh No!!

These are the big guns in contacts and they are pretty much guaranteed to blow everyone away.

You see, the whole thing about full eye Sclera lenses is in the name – Full Eye.

Not only does each lens cover the WHOLE eye, but it allows you to see through the middle. The great part is they fit most eyes perfectly and you can wear them for up to 3 hours at a time.

That’s 3 rock solid hours of Party Time!

Halloween all covered

With a wicked pair of full eye Sclera lenses in, you have Halloween all sorted.

No matter what outfit you choose to wear to whatever party you’re going to – you’re going to have everyone catching their breath when they catch a look at you.

These are the Halloween or costume party lenses that send shock waves through a room.

*WARNING* - Try not to freak yourself out when you see yourself in the mirror

If you want take one step back with the shock factor, you could go with a little magic from the Mini Sclera range.

These little wonders should inspire you to create a really amazing outfit. The power is all in the eyes!

The full-on freaky effect

Enough talk. You’re probably wondering can you get your hands on full eye Sclera contact lenses in Australia? Hell yeah!

MesmerEyez can get you kicking up a storm in full eye Sclera lenses in next to no time.

Order you pair today and they’ll be on their way.

Remember, MesmerEyez deliver anywhere in Canada

MesmerEyez – get set for a freaky time