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Mini Sclera Contact Lenses

Need a little bit of Halloween magic? Grab a pair of Mini Sclera contact lenses!

These little wonders really do wonders for your costume party or Halloween outfit.

The look is so powerful that you will be a memory that haunts other party-goers for ages. There will be a bit of jealousy and straight out envy coming your way when you wear your new set of Mini Sclera contact lenses – Why? Because you will look extra extraordinary.

Mini magic for a massive impact

Pop in a pair of the Mini Sclera lenses everyone is all talking about watch the jaw-dropping reaction.

When you walk into the party in your Mini Sclera contact lenses, you’ll hear the noise drop. Everyone will stop whatever they’re saying just to catch their breath.

These are the seriously supernatural lenses. No wonder they are so popular in the TV and movie industries. The look is almost too good to be true. Only you will know how you’ve pulled off such a killer style without the help of a special make-up artist or pro stylist.

Wowing the crowd

Not sure exactly which pair of power punch Mini Sclera contact lenses to choose?

Check out the whole range because you will find it hard to pick a favourite out of these fun and freaky beauties.

You can be a little wild, a little wacky or even a little psycho (in a nice way). The collection includes the heart-stopping Corruption lenses, the raw energy of Beast contacts and Pure Rage and a big time favourite freak-out Vampire contacts.

These lenses are not for the faint hearted – so if you’re heading to a party where little kids or some oldies will be there, don’t you dare wear your Mini Sclera contact lenses there. It’s just not fair because you’ll scare them senseless.

Drive everyone crazy in your Mini Scleras

Looking good is fine. Looking great is wonderful. Looking AMAZEBALLS is what you want!

You can do it with help from MesmerEyez. The best of the best coloured contacts are yours for the taking. You’ll be giving everyone a shock in the stunning range of contacts. You can go a little crazy with the Full or Mini Sclera contact lenses Australia is dying to get their hands on.

Get a pair or two today. Remember, MesmerEyez deliver here, there and everywhere – Canada wide.

MesmerEyez – a wicked look is yours 24/7.