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Natural Green Coloured Contact Lenses



Green is such a strong and life-giving colour. It’s the lush lawns and plants even the leaves on trees. It’s natural and Mother Nature doesn’t

shout – she sings.

Green just makes you feel better.

Everyone everywhere gets dazzled by green coloured eyes.

If only you could have green eyes too. Well, you can!

There is a range of mesmerizing green contact lenses including special Natural Green contact lenses that will have you growing a long line of admirers.


Ever wonder why people are supposed to go GREEN with envy?

It’s like “Durrrh!” when it comes to the colour of eyes.

Green colored eyes are rare. They’re the rarest of all eye colours.

Barely 2% of the population has green eyes.
No wonder that it gets others green with envy.

Famous people who have green colored eyes:

  • Kate Middleton (that’s actually Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge),
  • Rihanna
  • Joaquin Phoenix
  • Paul Rudd (the star of Ant Man)
  • Emma Stone
  • and Bella from ‘Twilight’ - Kristen Stewart.
    When it comes to Halloween – I loooove going as Bella. I don’t care if it’s a bit old-school.

    I don’t go with her real green eye colour. I put in those cool orange & black numbers. Haunting.


    Green contacts for Halloween are awesome.

    If you went to a Halloween party dressed as someone from Avatar – you’ll make all the difference if you go the whole shebang and have green eyes shining through.

    It doesn’t have to be natural green contact lenses – you can choose any kind of green. From emerald to mint, jade or even sea-green, you could really knock people out.

    Use any shade you like and trust me, you will turn heads.

    Once you’ve seen green contacts for Halloween, you know you’re on a costume winner. The beauty is you don’t have to wait to wear them for Halloween – any party or celebration will do.


    There are so many shades of green – light, dark, deep, forest, pine, pea-green, tea-green, sea-green, moss, artichoke, avocado – and olive green. Okay, now I’m getting hungry.

    Just imagine having any of these shades in when you look at yourself in the mirror. You’ll never look back with a mysterious green shining from your eyes. Everyone else will be asking “Who’s that?”.

    No-one’s going to know or care that they’re special green contact lenses anyway.


    Green means more than Go.

    The colour green has a physical effect on our bodies. It’s relaxing on your mind and muscles and can calm you down and even relieve stress.

    Some say it’s because the colour green represents rejuvenation and growth, and it could be because that’s what happens in nature. Either way, green always makes you think of new life and something fresh and healthy.

    So, getting green contact lenses will definitely give you a fresh look and a fresh start on your day, week or maybe a whole season. You don’t have to wait for Spring, get a jump on nature whenever you want. Come on, you know you want to!


    There is actually no green pigment in green eyes. Nothing, nada, not a drop. Apparently, it’s all an optical illusion.

    Scientists say it’s caused by the combination of an amber or light brown pigmentation of the stroma given by a reduced concentration of melanin, and – they lost me.

    Look, it’s something to do with the way the light hits the eye and blah, blah, you have green eyes, okay?

    Whatever the story, it’s a pretty good trick and green eyes aren’t just pretty, they’re drop-dead gorgeous. Why not get yourself some today? Green contact lenses for fresh, new You.


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