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Red Coloured Contact Lenses & Red Eye Contacts




There's no better time to party than when it comes time to wear the red coloured contacts. Anyone who's put a pair of such contacts in the eyes of someone else knows perfectly well that if you participate in festivities wearing a pair of red coloured contacts, you will remain on fire. These are the killer coloured lenses for a killer Halloween costume or fun look. Red means Ready

The powerful thing about red contact lenses is how they make a statement. There’s no pussy footing around pretending to be shy when you were these red and roaring contacts.

Just the names alone are enough to tell you that you’ll mean business;

  • Raise some hell in Hell Raiser lenses
  • You’ll be a bloody big hit in Blood Splat, Bloodshot Drops and Bloody Red
  • A big “Oh Yes” to Vampire, Wildfire and Red Mesh
  • Bring out your inner demon in your own Bezerker, Assassin or Devil lenses

You can even go full on freaky in red Mini or Full Sclera lenses. These are contacts that blow people away!


Setting hearts on fire

The wonderful thing about having the best set of red colored eye contacts around is that you can unleash another side to yourself.

If you’re a bit of a shy type or just a little uneasy about how to make a first impression at a party, Halloween or Fancy Dress occasion, then all you need is to fire up in a pair of red contact lenses.


People have been known to shriek and scream at the first sight. It’s love because you will be loving the reaction you get from everyone else.

It’s time to break free and have some wicked fun. The great thing is these aren’t just any variety of red contact lenses. These are your top of the range, EU quality certified contacts. You won’t have to pay through the bloody nose for them either. Not with MesmerEyez.  

You get great lenses at seriously great prices.

MesmerEyez – for an outrageously gorgeous look whenever you want it.